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Thanks for some of the older memories, jam and G. Hughes. Here are some of mine:
-Kim discovers Jennifer is dying of a fatal disease. Location shot of Kathryn Hays leaving Bob and Jennifer's apartment building and walking down the street, devastated.
-John forces Kim to have sex with him ("If you're nice to me, I'll be nice to you..."). Kim resists before her husband pulls her into the bedroom. Kim's necklace breaks and falls to the floor.
-A drunken Susan propositions Jay in her apartment. He wants to leave. She bars the door. She is wearing a ragged coat. "Kiss me", she says wantonly. "Kiss me". He does- and stays with her.
-Kim finds a drunken Susan in her apartment. She sobers her up by forcing her into the shower. Susan screams. They both get soaked.
-John has sex with an unwilling Dee. She stumbles out of their apartment in her slip and frantically rings for the elevator. It opens and a horrified David sees his bedraggled daughter. He ushers her into the elevator just as John walks into the hall and sees them. David takes Dee to the hospital. Later, Ellen comes home from Chrsitmas shopping. The phone rings immediately and it is David. Then John rings the doorbell, distracting her. David tells Ellen that John raped their daughter. Ellen, always so refined and genteel, flies at John, pummeling him ("You sick animal!"...) before fleeing the house.
Another World:
-Alice realizes that she loves Ray Gordon. She opens the sliding screen door and rests her head on it, gazing at the newly fallen rain on the roses.
-Pat rushes to New York City to stop her daughter Marianne from having an abortion. She walks into the room and Marianne looks up. Real surprise for soaps: "Its too late, Mom. Its over".
-Olive arrives at her newly built house. John has just killed Evan. "Don't go near the sofa, Olive!", John yells. He still does not realize Olive has been having a torrid affair with Evan. Olive finds Evan's prone body. She falls on him and turns furioulsy on her husband, "You killed him! Evan!" John recognizes the truth.
-Pat Randolph leaves a bar. Location shot. She falls drunkenly to the ground. A couple get into their car and back up directly towards her. Pat stares blearily. Fade out.
-Olive viciously threatens Molly: "Do you want to go back to the cows and pigs in Chadwell?!!"
Ryan's Hope:
-Faith confronts Dee: "The day that Pat understands how you control him through these fits that you turn on and off- that's the day he's going to leave you". Perfectly delivered, every word fraught. So was:
-Dee was smashing china in her bedroom. Each plate individually- in a negligee. Maeve enters-Dee is in mid-throw. Maeve orders Dee to stop, to not throw one thing more. Dee is pulsating with emotion- and smashes another dish, defying her mother-in-law. Maeve counsels wifely patience, but Dee has another idea: "I'm going to show him just how bad it can get".
Guiding Light:
-Rita searches through the streets of Springfield, looking for her sister after Eve is diagnosed with oncoming blindness. She watches as Eve buys a flower from a vendor and breaks into tears. Rita crosses the street and embraces her sister.
-Psychotic Georgene Grainger torches Rita's apartment, not realizing a blind Eve is asleep in the next room. "Burn, little Rita. Burn".
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