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I am just devastated....can't believe what I just read! Words won't do what I am feeling any justice. Crystal was never given the opportunity to fully showcase her talent on this stint but dammit she gave it her all. This is a lousy ridiculous decision and I don't like it one bit. I'm assuming the "core values" remark from some other thread means they are tossing out actors who they feel aren't super connected to the show and possibly bringing back some old schoolers. Letting CC go does free up money for others. But...I swear to God....I better read very soon that Gabi, Melanie, Daniel, etc got the boot too because there was PLENTY of potential for CC on Days. She will be missed. I wish her well on future endeavors. I'm pissed but still hopeful this show knows what it's doing. Maybe she could return in the future. Personally, I'd take Carly over Hope.....but oh well. Shit!
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