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Vivian runs into Quinn in the park and is surprised to see the man who is actually her never-before-mentioned son.

"First of all, he's just lovely," raves Louise Sorel of newcomer Bren Foster. "This is a new story where suddenly I find out that Vivian has a son who is Australian. I was trying to re-create an immediate connection with someone Vivian probably hasn't seen since he was 10 -- or something like that -- and to hook in with him, which was quite easy because he has these wonderful, soft brown, doe eyes."

Sorel learned of the twist in the tale after Foster was hired. "Gary Tomlin introduced us," she recalls. "There is a certain coloring and everything that works. It's plausible."

So, what does it do to the backstory with Lawrence, whom Vivian considered a son because she supposedly never had one? "It comes out in the continuing story that raised Lawrence as her son in her mind," Sorel explains. "Basically, it's one of those situations where you've had a bad relationship with the father and he, in this case, told her to go away and never darken his doorstep again. Consequently, Vivian has tracked Quinn down, but she's never spoken of him. She sort of denied his real existence, even though she kept track of him, because it was so hurtful. She's always said that she never had a child, except Philip, who she stole - the embryo. In fact, it's not true. We only learn these things after the fact. Lawrence comes into it a lot."

Vivian is unsettled to see the now-grown man in her presence. "I would assume that he has a lot of information on Vivian," notes the actress. "There are a lot of things that may not ever be spoken."

Quinn, meanwhile, does have an agenda - but with Chloe. This week he blackmails her into becoming one of his escorts. "Quinn is aware of Chloe's hardship, so there is an element to him where he thinks that he actually is helping her," explains Foster. "Quinn doesn't think that prostitution is such a bad thing. It's his business. He sees it as providing a service that wealthy men need and also provides a way of life where women can make a lot of money in a relatively short time."

Though Chloe balks, "Quinn tries to get her to see the benefits of being employed in such a way," says the actor. "He's a very smooth operator."
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