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Jun 2 2011, 05:33 PM
I like this and it makes perfect sense IMO. They explained it just the way I wanted them too.

We don't know much about Vivian's background other than her Alamain family history and histories with Victor and Stefano. I can buy this and I think it actually explains her obsession and excessive clinging to Lawrence, Nicholas, and Philip. She hated losing her son and she wasn't about to lose three guys she loved like sons. It adds some depth to all that and it's something new and fresh for Vivian.

Too bad she and Quinn aren't long for the show. I like him and Vivian is finally becoming interesting again. Ugh.
Well this was the story i wanted to see & i really liked Quinn but you are right he will be gone . I have watched Days since it started but i always left cause it was the same ole same ole so new people was where my interest always was. It seems like with Days going back to the core there will be nobody new. I'm happy for the fans for the returns but i wish there was balance & it look like it will just swing the other way.
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