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I really don't understand why they feel like they have to bring back someone EVERY SEASON! If they think the new people aren't as good, well then FIRE YOUR CASTING CREW and HIRE A NEW CASTING CREW that might do a better job finding interesting people.

Bringing back "favorites" is unnecessary and is just annoying. I mean, I love All Star seasons, but not when they are done over and over and over and over.

I can't wait for Big Brother to do an All Star 2, just cuz they haven't really brought back anyone back since All Star 1 (except for Jessie.. that was a tragedy as well..) But ever since All Stars 1, Survivor has had All Stars 2 (HvV), semi All Stars (Micronesia), brought back Steph and Bobby Jon for Guatemala, brought back Russell and Rob for Redemption Island and is now bringing people again for South Pacific (btw, I hate that they don't do new places. I mean, they are so stuck in Samoa that they can't even give names to their season...) There are so many beautiful countries and places, why always visit the same places over and over again?
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