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I got some scoops for you.

First one is that Maggie will be hospitalized in August. They wheel her in on a gurney...Jen and Melanie are already at the hospital as well as Brady and Sonny. Victor is there too. I'm not sure when they all arrive or if any come when Maggie does.

Also during the time Maggie is in the hospital Dr Dan and Jennifer interview Melanie on camera and she is crying. Have no idea what that's about.

Another one is kind of weird and funny. There is a scene coming up in August with Carly in the shower with someone making her wash her mouth out with soap. GUESSING HERE--I did speak to CC a couple of weeks ago and she said hubby Michael S was making another appearance on the show filming that week--so I think MAYBE she is hallencuniating (?) again about Lawerence and maybe He makes her eat the soap? But the good thing is that the prop department made her "soap" out of white chocolate and she didn't mind eating it!

I remember one more thing. There is a small shoot out coming up too. This is for August. When I found this out-it was the day before Dena was fired and it had not been filmed yet--so we will have to see if it still happens. BUT I do know for a fact they were out looking for toy guns for them to use!

Also--Allie is back in August..I don't know who brings her back..but her daddy is not back..yet.

I know these are a jumbled mess--and Im sorry. If I remember any others I will tell ya!

June 5th

I remembered some more with my spoilers and found out some stuff from last night's DCE event.

You guys might be on to something about the shoot out involving Casey. My friend at the event last night said they mentioned the picture to Casey with what appeared to be a gun shot wound--and he was shocked it had found it's way on Twitter. He said that came from his personal FB and said he hope he didn't get in "trouble" over it getting out. (I think he's teasing about the trouble!)
He also told them that the stuff he has filmed in the last 3 weeks have been the best of his career so far....so something is up for sure!

Ok what I remembered that I forgot---When I was talking to CC she was in her Carly outfit and she looked "bad" if that's possible for CC to look bad! I asked her what was up with her character and she said that her character is really having a hard time with drugs. I tried to be funny by saying "Does every woman Bo dumps have to go on drugs??" and she smiled and said that it really doesn't have anything to do with Bo and that they would be getting into things in her history and why she is doing what she's doing. Hence, the return of dreams of her dead husband.

When I talked to Molly B. I told her I saw her crying and was wondering what was making Melanie so sad. (I was hoping she would say what was up with Maggie) But instead she pointed to CC and said she was going through a Really hard time with her Mom. So I guess Melanie is going to be having problems all around her soon with Mom and Maggie needing her.

Also--on a happy note from last night! My friends were asking the cast about Galen. They were asking where he was--and they all very enviously mentioned he got to go skiing. They told the cast that "some" on twitter were saying that because he didn't attend the event that he was surely fired. They got a kick out of that--and assured the girls that the event had nothing to do with who stays or goes and they are not expecting Galen to be fired. They said no one is truly safe--but they weren't thinking GG would be hurt in all this! :cheer:
So relax people--I have been telling you Galen and Safe are FINE! ( at least as fine as anyone can be during this hot mess over there!)

June 5th part 2

OK Wait--there is more LOL---I have to learn to take notes!

I saw a scene with Brady and Victor at the hospital. They are yelling at each other. I guess Victor is probably worried about Maggie--or maybe his family is the cause of what happens to Maggie (me guessing here). I heard Victor telling Brady to leave--Victor said he talked to Stefano and they were working it out. Brady screamed that he was the one who put EJ in the hospital and he wasn't staying out of it.

AND I saw one of those charts that Jason post for us telling us who's on the set and with who in which scenes (it was hanging on the wall and I couldn't just stand and read it all but I did get some stuff). The scene right before the one where they bring Maggie to the hospital shows Brady, Sonny, Chad and Ej in the clearing in the woods. Then Brady and Sonny leave for the hospital. (so I guess Ej isn't too bad hurt if he's out running around again)

That's it for now lol.
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