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Come on Ron, We are counting on YOU !!

Jun 4 2011, 10:30 PM
I got some scoops for you.

First one is that Maggie will be hospitalized in August. They wheel her in on a gurney...Jen and Melanie are already at the hospital as well as Brady and Sonny. Victor is there too. I'm not sure when they all arrive or if any come when Maggie does.

Also during the time Maggie is in the hospital Dr Dan and Jennifer interview Melanie on camera and she is crying. Have no idea what that's about.

Another one is kind of weird and funny. There is a scene coming up in August with Carly in the shower with someone making her wash her mouth out with soap. GUESSING HERE--I did speak to CC a couple of weeks ago and she said hubby Michael S was making another appearance on the show filming that week--so I think MAYBE she is hallencuniating (?) again about Lawerence and maybe He makes her eat the soap? But the good thing is that the prop department made her "soap" out of white chocolate and she didn't mind eating it!

I remember one more thing. There is a small shoot out coming up too. This is for August. When I found this out-it was the day before Dena was fired and it had not been filmed yet--so we will have to see if it still happens. BUT I do know for a fact they were out looking for toy guns for them to use!

Also--Allie is back in August..I don't know who brings her back..but her daddy is not back..yet.

I know these are a jumbled mess--and Im sorry. If I remember any others I will tell ya!
I'm staying tuned....thanks girl!
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