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The shootout has to be related to that picture Casey tweeted so Chad must get caught in the crossfire. My bet is Stefano learns that Brady was behind EJ's beating and learns of the massive coverup to conceal that Brady did it. The result is this shootout only Chad becomes an innocent victim. That would really set up some nice stuff for Chad and Stefano.

I also wonder if this shootout will be used as a way to write some of the 6 characters being written out off the canvas. I mean. Corday said the "reset" of the canvas would be fast, over 4 weeks in fact, so something big has to happen to write 6 off and bring 6 on. Maybe Melanie is crying because Dario gets shot and maybe even dies? I still think Corday's reference to writing off characters not panning out means mostly recent additions like Dario.

That Carly/Lawrence scene sounds great.

I wonder if maybe Stefano goes after Victor as revenge for what Brady did and the coverup to protect him and maybe Maggie becomes the victim instead. The potential of this renewal of the Kiriakis/Dimera war is the thing I looking forward to the most. Hopefully, Marlene and Darrell stick with it. I don't want to just see J&M and the Brady's vs Stefano. Let's continue to pit the Dimera's and Kiriakis' against each other.
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