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Jun 5 2011, 06:19 AM
Well, Im not convinced that Every potential cast victim already knows. Infact Final decisions on everyone may not even be made yet, They might just be weighing options on several people, looking at pro's and cons, And how they will fit into the future direction of the show.
But Im sure if there is an exit story that is plausable to be aired soon then Im sure those people must know. There might be others that Ken has not set the wheels in motion for yet, and he does not want the apple cart too off balance too early, especially if he has big plans for the summer..
He is going to want the BEST possible (considering the writing) out of all the cast.
Well, if the new writers are already working on outlines for late September the transition had to be already mapped out. We also know KA tweeted she got her first rewritten scripts sometime last week. So I think the change had been in the works for atleast a month but probably more before Dena was officially fired and Corday has pretty clear idea who to keep and who should be going. I also donīt think the new team will have much control atleast initially. Iīm sure Corday approached them with a firm list of changes already in his hands and it was up to them to wrap the characters up ASAP.
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