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Vicky, thanks for all the info! Sounds promising that there's a revisit of D v. K--though it is BEYOND stupid that the catalyst apparently is Brady getting revenge for Arianna's death, a character who neither he nor anyone else had even mentioned in ages and who if she had been popular wouldn't have been killed off in the first place. It's so typical Dena--the idea would have been fine if (1) they hadn't dropped the EJ-as-drug-lord stuff so abruptly (2) EJ actually really was directly responsible for Arianna's death and we saw that play out (3) Brady was actually with Arianna at the time of her death and planning to marry her and having visions of a happy wedding day and life thereafter that EJ cut short (4) we saw Brady actually trying to find her killer and then discovering it was EJ and (5) we saw Brady also uncover the fact that Arianna was probably not fatally injured but that Dr. Ty Treadway, who was working for Stefano, killed her to harvest her organs. THEN we would have a really strong case to be made for Kiriakis v. DiMera. I know we're finally free of Dena (almost), but honestly, how is it that she was SO terrible? This stuff seems so obvious and so easy to fix.
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