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Titus Andronicus
The buildup to Stefano's Island was getting serious with dramatic scenes here and there with Roman, Diana, Steve, Kayla, Shane, Kim, Benji, etc.

This is also part of the buildup. It involves Calliope, so you know it's not totally serious, but it's nearly completely opposite of everything else in the story at the moment. Off-the-wall and something sorely missing now: a scene that does add to what's happening, but crazy at the same time.


Though Stefano's Island was a retcon and then retconned out of existence over the next few years, it's one I like because of the humor that pops up and how the storylines weave together.

I have seen alot of Stefano's Island, but I never really knew what was going on with Calliope and Drew. Thanks for that one. I love Calliope and I love the ants!
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