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Pilot Scoop: The Secret Circle


'm getting into my pilot scoops for the Fall TV season, which means I'm watching all the new shows so I can let you know which ones will be worth watching. Today, I'm giving you a look at The CW's new drama The Secret Circle, which is based on the novels of L.J. Smith, who also wrote The Vampire Diaries. Like Diaries, Kevin Williamson is behind the series.

What it's about: When teenager Cassie (Britt Robertson) loses her mother to a fire, she moves in with her grandmother in her mom's hometown. A group of classmates takes an odd interest in her, and they quickly reveal why: Cassie is a witch, descended from one of the witch families in town, as are each of them. Cassie completes their coven, and they want her to join them so that they can get the full use of their powers.

Where it works: The pilot is deliciously creepy, thanks to a mysterious villain on the scene (Gale Harold). The show also does a good job of setting up an interesting story that seems to have a lot of potential. Plus it's great to see the endearing Robertson back on her own show after Life Unexpected was canceled.

Where it doesn't: This is a show about teen witches, so the camp factor has the possibility to be high. Some of the dialogue the characters use to set up the premise is pretty cheesy, but maybe it won't be so bad once the show establishes what it's about.

Am I hooked? Oh yeah. After just one episode, I wanted to know more about the town's rich witch history and the sinister characters.

When is it on: Thursdays at 9 p.m.

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