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Jun 10 2011, 02:35 PM
Jun 10 2011, 11:00 AM
Ahh, this was my obsession growing up... :laugh:

Loved S1-6. Chris saved S6. Didn't like S7 and especially S8. Kaley is a great actress, but Billie was horrible. And overexposed.
And the show became much "lighter" over the years. I liked it better when it was darker and more drama (Phoebe burning, loved one dying..etc) ;)
Personally, I think seasons 1-4 were the best. The show took a hit loosing Shannon Doherty in the fourth season, but at least they had strong storylines and introduced Paige well. It was also an extremely dark season, which I much preferred over the fifth season format. I still liked the show after 1-4, but it greatly diminished in quality. Season eight was horrendous though. Worst season by far, and the whole Billie/Christie storyline was stupid. Just show's that the networks shouldn't interfere much. LOL. Who was your favorite character?
I only included S5 because there were some awesome episodes that season. But yeah, overall... it wasn't great. The nymphs, and leprechauns was ridiculous. Definitely better when it was darker and scarier.
Billie and Christie were terrible. I can't believe THEY were the girls' "Final EPIC battle" :rolleyes: So disappointing.
My favorite character was Piper. Most of the time anyways. Who was yours?
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