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^ My face watching DAYS

Jun 14 2011, 06:30 PM
Actually I started watching Days in the 90's so Chappell and Rinna=Days for me. I was never a fan of Bo and Hope or Alfonso I did enjoy her as Gina but never as Hope thats imo.

Also she didn't actually mean the entire Bope fanbase just the 5 that were attacking her I guess some people need full clarification.

Chappell's nominations and emmy wins are no joke, you have to be good to get them. I'm sorry that Days doesnt get nominated more but it hasn't always been about block voting and Days hasn't always been the lone NBC soap. Sometimes you get lucky (Natalia Livingston) and sometimes your just that dang good like Jeannie Cooper.
That is debateable IMO...she is overrated and I have ALWAYS thought that..she is a great and classy person, but dang good actress is not how I would describer her. Just average IMO.

I enjoyed Chappell on DAYS, but this latest twitter thing has just SOURED me towards her in a BIG way....

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