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WOW! I really missed a lot! WTH CC always have some controversy...that is why I love her! People these are actors...real people they are going to make mistake...tell me if any of us have never talked about a co-worker or else! Newsflash WE ALL HAVE!
Lets see...
Yes, NB is not the brightest writer...so why you read his column or follow him? You want the honest answer?
CC - might like to have a drink or two who doesn't...did she said something or didn't said what she should? We all have done that! Same here if you don't like her why follow her? Again...you want the real answer?
Hey! KA is smelling like a flower here...she got some publicity out of it! (she needed as much as she can) Can I said that? I think I'm entitle..correct?
KC got the nerve to accuse her of the rating debacle..When is his own fault! Sorry but lets be realistic...Soaps are dying nothing do to with writing or acting...is just our way of living..... We did this...by following so many reality shows!!!! Yes....we did!
Both fanbases attacking each other...be honest...you know who you are and what you have done and said....
So..like the saying....People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones....and for all those that might want to respond ...if the shoe fits wear it!
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