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Jun 14 2011, 09:24 PM
Jun 14 2011, 09:05 PM
What are they going to do with Lucas? If he comes back he better not be his little mama's boy like a puppet on a string, and every woman's doormat. I am sure he is just as sick of this character (the writing) as we are. They promised him a new direction with Chloe, away from Sammi's little bitch, and they lied to him. I'd like to see him come back as a strong businessman, but there is no way they are going to break up Safe. That would make no sense. I really can't see Sammi or Lucas being anything but supportive of Will after they get over their initial surprise. I hope they don't screw this up.
I hope they root Lucas's story in his family connections if the whole point of bringing him back is getting another Horton front and center.

And what if Lucas was the one who tracked down Jack to bring him back to try to break up Daniel and Jennifer? I doubt that is how it's going down since Matt Ashford's return has already been announced and Bryan's hasn't been yet but that could have been good.

Anyway what makes me excited about a Lucas return is what it could mean for his relationships with his family. I want to see Jennifer and Lucas sibling drama play out because I've always felt like Lucas's relationships with his Horton siblings were under-explored, at least certainly in comparison to those with Austin, Billie and Philip.

I also want to see what Lucas thinks about his aunt/AA sponsor Maggie getting involved with Victor given what a love-hate and often-toxic relationship Victor had with Lucas's mom.

I want to see Lucas deal with Will's gay storyline.

As far as Sami and any other potential coupling, I could really care less about Lucas's romantic storylines. I actually hope they keep him single for a while even if Sami breaks up with Rafe or Rafe leaves so we can once again see the character of Lucas defined as an individual outside of his relationships with Sami or his mother or some other woman cuckolding him.
Wow...we agree...you see it's possible! ;)

I am hoping for a return of Bill. We've never seen a Bill/Lucas story. How about if Lucas initially isn't as supportive of Will as Will thought he would be. Let's face it, for a very long time we've seen Lucas being the parent that Will 'prefers' for lack of a better word. If Will distances himself from Lucas that is pretty much similar to the reaction that Lucas had when he found out Bill was his father and confronted him about it. It would be wise for Days to bring JM on recurring at least so Bill could be around for both Will and Lucas....that wouldn't be a bad story IMHO.....

I am hoping that if he comes back these writers take a little time and write for him. Bryan isn't a bad actor, he can do drama really well when given good material and he (and Lucas) are funny, sarcastic and the character is one of the few truly grey characters that may be left on Days. By truly grey I mean he was NEVER portrayed as the 'real good guy'...there was always something about Lucas that kept him more of a bad seed even when the character was being written to be 'good' in 2006/2007.

I am hoping with LK saying something about business sets that they bring back Titan and they have both Lucas and Kate working there. Heck, have Lucas offer Sami a job as an assistant or something....remember when headed the Horton Foundation (hey that is an idea, maybe they can bring that back too) and he 'bribed' her to help him in the board room.....

it'll be a hoot if we can see them again in their fun playfull stuff, I don't think they will ever go back to being full fletched enemies....but I am dying for some good Kate/Lucas/Sami scenes....

Lucas and Sami worked as a lot of things, obviously being a fan of them see great potential in a romantic story involving them again, but it doesn't have to be just that. For too many years Lucas was portrayed as the great love of Sami's life...I buy that she loves Rafe now, but since Lumi never dealt with their feelings for each other and simply buried them and moved to other people, I can't help but at least HOPE for something between them again down the road, not immediately, but in the future.
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