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Well I read it, I understand he was trying to be what ?? politically correct, or impress a Dr Drew Attitude. And some I agreed with but I still had to post. I didnt join so I had to post anon. But here is my as usual.
EXTRENLY long resonse.. ya know once you start its hard to stop LOL

My Post

Anonymous said...
Damon.. Sometimes we just post on what we see, However I do agree that those who become obsessed about the mistakes of others, especially when those mistakes have NO EFFECT on them personally do have personal issues.. I think The Clinton Hate regarding his mistakes, and her success, or Michael Jackson haters who continue to insulkt him and even his children are a prime examples of this.
Most have no clue about the facts and when shown them the actual truth they choose to ignore it all in favor of ugly rumours and make disgusting remarks..
HOWEVER.. In this sad situation .. we saw what we saw.
Its no Secret that Nelson B has an obsession with CC.. The Woman walks on water in his own mind. I personally think she is a FINE actress, and very talented, and innovative. I also think she was served atotal dish of CRAP at Days by the """WRITING TEAM""" and it was an injustice, unfair, and even unflattering as she was made to look chubby and frumpy when she is truly quite pretty.
Her story was her Doom.. Not Kristian A, and certainly not Peter R.. She was written into a horrible corner and the only escape was a direction that Higley chose not to take, They should have put her with Daniel, the audience was begging for that.. but they wouldnt do it,(more)

June 15, 2011 2:17 AM

Anonymous said...
(prt 2)
Nobody is to blame other than the (former) HW, EP and ofcourse KC..
If KA had the power that Branco eluded to no way would Nightime Hope ever happened, or certainly not the crap she was also dealt over months at a time. They were both hurt in those months.
I dont know if they like or Hate eachother..
And....I dont CARE....
What I do know is Kristian A has been a complete CLASS ACT and IGNORED all of this. She has NEVER said a bad word about Crystal C.
If KA has/or had a weight issue NB has no business talking about things he knows nothing about...He is a complete D%%cheBag !
Some of KA's most ardent fans have worried over the years about her weight, and that it could even be a health issue. But she seems healthy and happy now, and looks wonderful and seems at a great weight.
Its pretty sad, VERY Sad.. that Peter Reckell had to jump in and pretty much scold and shut everyone up including CC. Not condoning any of it. """"Bravo Peter"""""
And while CC may not have been overt in her remarks, she was subtle, and cold.. expressing her love, and "Support" of Branco preaching BS about "Free Speech" Instead of simpy saying, While she appreciates his support she enjoyed her Time at days and wishes the show and all the cast well, and leaves with no hard feelings cuz she understand the business even though she wihes things hppened differently" But No.. we get her subtle rude and insinuating remarks along with her plug reminding us all she has "A tell all "BOOK"
Very classy ...NOT!!!!
She reallyt let me and others who liked her down, especially when many of us were very upset about her termination.
Its sad because I felt bad for her,I admired her, thought she got a raw deal .. and now. Well if anyone caused troubled based on her words I would say it was her... "Onward" now Sounds very different then it first did. and the other actors especially Judi Evans also shocked and hurt me.. its all so unprofessional especially consideringthese people will still be working together, But after this I have to wonder .. Maybe KC will think hey ... this crap opens up a few more slots for new faces, and some who have not had a great reception so far may be easy to recast.. Good Actors know when to keep their mouth shut, even when angry.. I recall Deidre H never spoke Ill of KC or the show.. Neither did Drake.. Tak about your Pro's.. and nobody was treated worse than them .. Even Bryan D didnt speak ill of the cast.. Just stupid !,
Good riddence CC, and good luck going "Forward"
Good riddence NB, I hope you do get fired, you deserve it. because you basically only wrote about what YOU wanted, or found some way to interject it in EVERY report.. and that was mostly your Goddess Crystal Chappell. ~Yawn~

June 15, 2011 2:19 AM

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