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Sami is just one hot mess - and there's only one man that can handle her - if the writers would write the great story for it - but they've ruined it.

Haven't watched DAYS since Feb - and not watching until they fix the mess that has been spun since mid August of 2010 or actually since Jan 2010 - when EJ was revealed as Sydney's kidnapper!

I started watching in Nov 2009 becasue I was drawn in my the magnetism of EJ - and the spark I saw between him and Sami - I read about their history and became more intrigued. I was highly upset after just watching for 2 months that EJ was revealed as the kidnapper - but then grew to accept it as I realized more and more how tortured he was - then they drove the nail deeper by having him fake Syd's death - but then I found myself forgiving him for that espcecially the day he kissed Syd on the head and muttered "What have I done, What have I done, I love her, I love your mother".....just made me cry,.

then the summer of 2010 was lovely - until the day that Sami told EJ "yes" and then things went wrong....
I hated the almost wedding...but I kept watching
I hated the shooting - but I kept watching thinking this can't be real
I hated the Rafe and Sami wedding - and EJ showing up and taking the kids - but I kept watching hoping for some ray of hope

but the day I turned off my tv and never looked back was when the writers had EJ be a part of the 2 Rafe's and sending the fake Rafe to Sami's bed - to me that was not the EJ I knew and loved - the tortured soul that loved Sami beyond all else - and the only reason I was back to watching days again since June '04 was to see the lovely complicated Ej DiMera - torn between goodness and badness - the love of Samantha Gene Brady and the love of his evil father, Stefano DiMera - James Scott played that EJ so eloquently it was heartbreaking yet endearing to watch - but the EJ that smoked cigars, and saluted over Sami sleeping with fake Rafe was not the EJ I was drawn to - so I stopped watching cold turkey yet again. I check in now and then to read spoilers and seen a show here and there in passing when my daughter was watching.....but haven't sat down and watched a Days of Our Lives Episode from start to finish since about end of Jan....

If this new writing team can fix this mess - then maybe just maybe I'll come back, but until then still not watching....I'm not interested in having Ej thrown under the bus time and time again - tired of him being labeled the evil monster - when everyone in Salem is just as evil and corrupt as he is - Brady's no saint....not watching him beat the crap out of EJ.

Oh well that's my rant - i slide back into oblivion once again - at least until September maybe longer, maybe forever from Days of Our Lives...it's a wait and see game.
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