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Come on Ron, We are counting on YOU !!

Jun 15 2011, 12:39 PM
Jun 15 2011, 10:18 AM
I don't care what anyone else thinks, Lumi is my cup of tea and I'll never have enough of them. Their chance was shatttered by Ej
Lumi's chance was shattered by horrible writing by Hogan Sheffer and Dena Higley and the show's decision to let BD go. EJ is a pretty devious (fictional) guy, but he didn't get Bryan Dattilo off the show.

I definitely think Lucas and Sami having discussions about "what went wrong" should certainly be part of the mix as they attempt to rebuild a friendship or truce in parenting or whatever. But I think Sami needs a timeout from relationships to rebuild her character as an individual just as much, actually probably even more, than Lucas does.

ITA. You know what I would like (not right away but months down the road) for them to have a conversation about how their relationship ended and more importantly WHY it ended. It still amazes me till this day that through all the hate the minute they fell in love and actually managed to get married, 'their love' didn't end, their marriage did and neither wanted it to end, it was ripped apart in front of us. That is what's been constant in Lumi. That through it all, even till the end they DID show love for one another.

I would like them to sit down over coffee and reflect on how they both screwed up this one. I would like Sami to tell him why he always ran toward the 'good girl' that ended up being worse than staying with her, and I would like to get an honest answer from him. I would like to have him tell her that he hated it how everytime they had a disagreement, a problem in their relationship there was always someone there on her end to help her out...when it was Brandon, it was Austin, when it wasn't him it was Ej. He always felt he was in direct competition with these men even if she claimed to love on Lucas. If they would explore that talk maybe it would make sense why he always felt that he needed to run to 'whatever woman was around' at the time of his breakup with Sami...he needed to beat her at her own game.
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