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"I had a really fun time," says Chappell about her nearly two-year stint in Salem. "I made a lot of good friends and really enjoyed the story going out. I can't really complain."

Chappell admits she wasn't blindsided by the news of her ouster. "I felt this coming since last summer," she reveals. "I won't get into the details, but there's all this stuff brewing and I felt it. I'm surprised I made it this long, I'll be honest with you. But again, all in all, it was a really fun experience."

She does cop to being disappointed, however. "Of course," she says. "I really enjoy going into that studio every day. The crew is amazing and I've made some really cool friends, people who I'll take with me and hang out and work with again in different ways. It's disappointing that I won't see them every day, but things are very different now than they used to be and decisions have to be made and we have to do our best to keep these shows on the air."

After news of her impending exit was announced, controversy arose online between posters who pitted her against longtime Days star Kristian Alfonso. A fanbase war between supporters of the actresses ensued. Chappell was disheartened. "I have no bad feelings toward Kristian or anybody," declares Chappell. "I don't blame the fans at all for being upset. I was very upset when I saw [the fighting] too. If I'm wiling to accept moving on, the fans completely support me 100 percent. I'm happy to move on and am grateful for my experiences. These are changing times and what Days has to do, Days has to do. It's Mr. Corday's show and I respect his decision."

Chappell says she was unaware at first that the fans were even engaging each other. "My thing is this: There's a horrible assumption being made that I even knew what was being said," she explains. "I walked into a fight and I was trying to break it up and so was Molly. It wasn't about condoning anything that was being said. I spoke with Molly today and said, 'I'm so sorry that happened, and she said, 'You didn't say anything. You didn't write this. Nobody has these feelings. It came out of some other place.'"

Chappell was particularly troubled that her fans were upset. "What disturbed me was that they were getting their feelings hurt," she nods. "I love them. I'm very proud of them for being the people they are and they're very loyal and kindhearted. This is a very interesting point about social media and our responsibility in it. It's very, very easy to hide behind your computer and hit Send. I had people coming at me and coming at Molly and going after these fans and saying things that are beneath the human soul. I didn't like what I heard and I lost my cool. I don't care what people think of me, quite frankly, because I know my truth, but I really took offense to people going after innocent people. I don't condone hate; it's pointless to fight. I don't see the reason for it, especially in light of the fact that these shows are in terrible jeopardy and the more we fracture the overall fan base, the more unstable the show becomes. So it's really important that all fanbases stick together."

Regarding her Days exit story: "They've done a lovely job, they really have... The way the new writers have chosen to tie it up is really nice."

The article goes on to discuss Venice and the Grove. Crystal's "memoirs" that she's writing are also mentioned. Here is a summary of that part: She explains that the book will focus on "me in the business and how I've conducted myself"... "There are some fascinating stories. People wouldn't believe all of it. My interest isn't in making it a trashy book. I want to keep it classy and filled with integrity, but I want to keep it honest."

As for whether she is retiring from acting: "If something amazing came along, I'd be open to it." She continues that she doesn't mind spending her time behind the camera and spending time with her children. "I've had children for 11 years. I've really not spent a lot of time at home with them and that's really important to me. At the same time, if somebody called me with this fantastic role, I would find a way to make it work. I'm not saying I'm done."
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