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Why am i not surprised that she's mentioned to once again make this all about how the fans were attacking her fans & that she tried to stop it. and what does this have to do with her leaving? i swear more of the interview is spent talking about the Nelson twitter stuff (that she still can't get the story straight about) than actually talking about her exit. She really needs to stop talking about the whole Nelson thing, cause the more talks & keeps bringing it up, and the more she keeps making it seem like something completely different than what it was, the more it makes it look like she's trying to paint all the other fans as the devil while her fans are so perfect they could do nothing wrong. The most annoying part of this interview to me was that she said that she didn't know the fans were engaging each other & that she & Molly stepped in to stop things - 1. the fans were engaging Nelson, not Bope fans vs Carbo fans & 2. she made things worse only after tweeting Nelson and being tweeted asking if she knew what he had been saying about Kristian. I could go on about other stuff that annoys me pertaining to this 70% of the article, but i'm gonna focus on the part where she's leaving, cause i don't think anyone really wants to go one more round of "Crystal stop lying & stop talking about this while trying to make yourself look better, cause it's not working with the GA that know exactly what went down that night"!
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