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Jun 23 2011, 10:56 AM
Jun 23 2011, 10:49 AM
She didn't bring up the twitter mess, she was asked in an interview about it what can she say "no comment" come on she has to say something.
She says quite a lot, and never really talks about the comments SHE made that kept things going, even now.

HER responses were what made the situation go on longer than it ever needed to that night. She tries to make it about a fanbase war and while I'm sure there were comments on BOTH sides that probably weren't cool, NELSON'S comments and HER response to them is what created the problem.

I'm sorry, but her defense of his right to freedom of speech while he was calling Kristian an anorexic bitch and an anorexic hair model...her "I know shit you guys don't know"...."Wait to read the book" stuff...Was that gonna help?

She never mentions any of THAT stuff in subsequent interviews. Makes it seem like she didn't have anything to do with anything and her fans were victims of a "vile" fanbase.

HER comments escalated the whole situation created by Nelson.

Seriously!! How can she not even mention what she tweeted that night?! It's crazy! She is largely responsible for all of this, and for her to sit back and blame it on everyone else just shows what issues she must have.
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