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I hate to get involved in this because I've been trying to stay out of it and pretty much most Days discussions now but just food for thought...

Even if CC did what KA may have done which is decide not to speak about the matter anymore, people would still be jumping on her. She's now very much in the "damned if she doe, damned if she doesn't" category.

I tend to think she had too much to drink and really didn't see the whole picture of what was going on. Does that excuse the whole thing? No. She could've handled this better. She could've easily said she wasn't in the best state of mind, she missed a few things initially, and made an error in judgement as a result. Instead, she's choosing to ignore some pieces of all this but she's probably at the point where she realizes the damage is done and people are going to look at her negatively regardless so why bother?

The reason it also keeps being brought up also is because she's been fired and this whole Twitter thing ties into that so, of course, it's not just going to go away. This was her first magazine interview since the firing (the one last week was just a quick attempt by the actresses and show to diffuse the fanbase situation) so why wouldn't it come up since it's such a big story?

Do I like the way she handled this? Absolutely not. I give her credit for not shying away from the issue like I've seen others do in the past for internet controversies. It hasn't soured me on her that much. People are human. They aren't robots. Shit happens and sometimes you have no idea how to get yourself out of it. I'm not one to judge.
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