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Mar 21 2011, 03:28 PM
Jan 23 2011, 06:23 PM
The entire clip just screams James Reilly. Sigh. He was a trainwreck but I kinda miss his overdramatic, cliched, everything's a cliff-hanger soap. That's soap opera to me.
ICAM! I think that's why I'm not nearly as dedicated to soaps anymore. I love them in theory, but my enjoyment level never comes close to what it did when stuff like this was going on, especially on Days.
I kinda like it too, BUT JER overused some some of those. Most of his cliffhangers turned out to be nothing... I mean, I do think that it's good to string the audience into thinking that character A will learn character B's secret, so you make several cliffhangers where A almost finds out. But after those few times, you just really have to reveal the secret to A. JER teased WAY too much without revealing the secret, IMO.
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