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Jul 6 2011, 11:45 AM
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Quoting limited to 4 levels deephttps://twitter.com/heyjude14/status/88614927085998082
Next week's promo is all about EJ.

Days comes back from hiatus next week and there's so much happening i including a behind the scenes shoot...more teases to come.
It's like you're reading my mind but alas the new PTB can't come soon enough.
I wouldn't count on seeing a huge change. JS is probably still going to have a 4 episode a week limit.

Slightlyamused, I sort of feel the same way. If jarlena is coming back to pick up where they left off, it'd be better if they just stay in Switzerland.
I am not saying I expect things to change BUT I would like orginality for the characters and an equal amount of airtime for EVERYONE because Dena has had all the characters in a hamster cage running in circles. I expect that to change as well. EJ is presently the only character besides Quinn that I don't like and IF he stays on screen that is fine but give other players equal airtime and it can be done. I also really want better stories for the characters. I am tierd of disliking EJ and the writing for him being so dark and asshole ish. He can be that but give him something else to do then contstantly seek revenge on the same people. The characters need to work IMO and that could bring adventure and romance back yes even for EJ with EJole because she is still his best match though he needs to wake up and not pretend anymore with others.
What I'm saying is that, absent a miracle, we're not ever going to see equal airtime for everyone. Days just doesn't have the money to give the DH's, PR, KA etc. similar episode guarantees to the ones they can give JS, AS, GG etc. Your feelings about EJ are very similar to my feelings on Rafe, but I'm not about to hold my breath and hope we see less of him, because I know GG comes cheap.
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