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Helpless Romantic

Jul 6 2011, 01:02 PM
Jul 6 2011, 11:45 AM
Jul 6 2011, 11:37 AM
Jul 6 2011, 10:53 AM

Quoting limited to 4 levels deephttps://twitter.com/heyjude14/status/88614927085998082
Next week's promo is all about EJ.

Days comes back from hiatus next week and there's so much happening i including a behind the scenes shoot...more teases to come.
I wouldn't count on seeing a huge change. JS is probably still going to have a 4 episode a week limit.

Slightlyamused, I sort of feel the same way. If jarlena is coming back to pick up where they left off, it'd be better if they just stay in Switzerland.
I am not saying I expect things to change BUT I would like orginality for the characters and an equal amount of airtime for EVERYONE because Dena has had all the characters in a hamster cage running in circles. I expect that to change as well. EJ is presently the only character besides Quinn that I don't like and IF he stays on screen that is fine but give other players equal airtime and it can be done. I also really want better stories for the characters. I am tierd of disliking EJ and the writing for him being so dark and asshole ish. He can be that but give him something else to do then contstantly seek revenge on the same people. The characters need to work IMO and that could bring adventure and romance back yes even for EJ with EJole because she is still his best match though he needs to wake up and not pretend anymore with others.
What I'm saying is that, absent a miracle, we're not ever going to see equal airtime for everyone. Days just doesn't have the money to give the DH's, PR, KA etc. similar episode guarantees to the ones they can give JS, AS, GG etc. Your feelings about EJ are very similar to my feelings on Rafe, but I'm not about to hold my breath and hope we see less of him, because I know GG comes cheap.
I guess I mean more so that they mix the young with the old and give ALL the storylines attention and care to make them ALL good wether ABCDetc in line. Instead of overusing some and under using others for months and leaving their stories hanging only to have them do something that we bitch about when they do reappear or because of plot have Dena rewrite what she wrote a couple episodes before leaving us going WTF. Namely for a characters motivation in wanting to do something when she does a piss poor job of showing us but tells us and expects us to buy it case and point EJaylor's magic scarf insta love or Brady suddenly caring about Ari after she wasn't mentioned for months and after we already no longer cared because like with most things she would drop the ball and miss greart opportunities to take sls in at a time. I find it laughable that the first time Roman was used in months was for the spoof episode and that shows me what a joke his character is thought to be and I don't even care for him. DH had her clear favs and I would like all the characters given the opportunity and their time to shine wether they lead story or not for a while and I think that was a big problem with DH she constantly had one main character or two lead story storyline after same recycled storyline :shame: I am hoping the new PTB maybe put those that lead story in supporting roles for a while which is what I think will happen with Will's story. That does not mean that the supporting players are not seen I still want them to be. But I just think that with EJOLE SAFE Quadrangle for example as it was dubbed the "A" story and the one DH put most effort in, that if you werent part of it you were ignored namely what happened to Brady when they were going with EJole again after the Viv in a coffin comic relief and that is not right IMO. Of course they have money restraints but they can diversify the cast instead of keeping them interacting with their locker room partners and no one else. I am much looking forward to Victor Sonny and JM scenes with Sami Brady and Rafe because it brings back the familial aspect and since they werent seen in three years it will be a nice and fresh change because what the other soaps do right that DAYS hasn't is utilize the young as much as the older cast and mix them together. That is what I want to see more of on DAYS. DH favouring one sl over the rest is also what created the lack of consistency which I also hope improves and Corday did say that money was no object anymore so I do think we will see improvements especially if he is willing to splurge for new sets that I am hoping we will see the characters actually working again for a nice change of pace.
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