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Jul 22 2011, 07:12 PM
I was wonder do people post their hatred for Dan, Melanie and Dannifer so that the new HW gets a clue? Because there seems to be virtually no one who likes the pairing, and few who like Dan or his daughter. I would hope that the new writers pay attention to this and actually fix things, because if they do not then they are no better than Dena who did what she wanted and to hell with the fans.

I see tons of hatred for Dan, Melanie and Dannifer posted and not just on this board. It's all over other soap boards as well. There are maybe a handful of Dannifer fans but it seems like they are either hardcore Jack haters, never saw Jack and Jen's love story, or think that Dr. Dude is "like oh so awesome and dreamy" and Jennifer should stick with him. You'd think with all the hatred of Mel, Dan and Dannifer being posted that the writers would get the hint. Alas, they still seem clueless at this point.
I like Dannifer; and I don't hate Jack (love him in fact), I actually hated Dan right up until the truth abt Parker came out (found him to be a creeper), & although I missed Jack/Jen first time around, I saw & loved them (only Bope better) after they returned to Salem last time.

It's just for me, Dan finally has an age-appropriate relationship & i like having Jen back onscreen; plus they really do have this strange awkward chemistry thing going on. Plus of course it was obvious Dannifer was not endgame. JJ will be endgame nomatter what, that much is certain. Just an interesting diversion.

(Not to mention that this is really the only storyline of Dena's I currently like even the tiniest bit.)

Well at least you're a level headed Dannifer supporter. LOL. It's pretty obvious that they are not endgame and you already know that. As much as this show likes to screw with supercouples, they have yet to separate any of them permanently. Jack's return guarantees that Jack and Jen will be back together ... eventually.
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