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I hope that Jack does not hit Dan. Because I want TPTB to remember Jack's past, Jack hated violence and was scared of his own potential for violence due to his past and due to his Two Dads. And I hate it when a spouse has an affair and the the other man or woman is to blame. The married person is to blame! Dan may be a pig, a pervert, and unprofessional for chasing his patients, but in the end he did not force Jennifer, she was the one who betrayed her soul-mate. I want Jack to be hurt, and to not want anything to do with St. Jennifer. If he slugs Dan then we have pathetic Jack.

I do not think Matthew would like the idea either. I remember hearing that during Lawrence's rape trial TPTB wanted Jack to get so mad at Lawrence when he was on the stand, and for Jack to go over a slug him. Matthew fought this because it was not Jack, and it would be stupid because it would hurt Jennifer. In the end TPTB had Bo go over and slugged Lawrence over something he said about Mrs. Horton. Matt was right it would have made Jack look like an idiot; for me Bo acted and looked like an hot headed fool, going crazy in court, it helped neither Mrs. Horton nor Jennifer.
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