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Some of Leo and Greenlee's best moments were their very angsty break-ups, (of which they had several during the course of their relationship.) Ultimately, they always made up and eventually found complete happiness when they finally wed in 2002. But I'll never forget how they made me feel all their angst and pain whenever they had a bad break-up. Here are some of their biggest:

Leo dumps Greenlee after he finds out she blackmailed Bianca and pushed Laura overboard:

Greenlee dumps Leo after her father reveals that Leo's original intention when he first came to town was to meet Greenlee, seduce her, marry her, then skip town with all her money:

Leo tries his best to make Greenlee understand that they are done for good:

Greenlee throws Leo out of her loft after a huge misunderstanding that turned into a fight between them:

Leo leaves Greenlee after she blurts out that she loves both him and Jake:
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