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So I finally finished Oz.....

The prisoners that had my sympathies throughout was Beecher, Alverez, Omar White, and Cyril. I felt they really tried the hardest to change but circumstances kept drawing them into crap.. :(

Prisoners that sometimes had my sympathies were Ryan O'reily and Chris Keller...They were completely sh*tty toward others but Ryan's love for his brother and Keller's love for Beecher made them more sympathetic..

Beecher and Keller was one of the most complicated relationships ever! ..The love was there but they kept hurting each other.. :shame: I was so mad at Keller for messing with Beecher's parole.. shame on him!!!! Then when Beecher wouldn't forgive him he through himself over the railings...who does something like that!!!

Another friendship that drew me in was between Said and Beecher..While all the racial tensions escalated they still remained friends. My highlight was watching Said transform from arrogance to more understanding. I also liked they showed him falling from time to time, it made him more human.

Another aspect that stuck out at me about this series, is the fact they showed how prison life spills over the outside world..so many deaths happened to love ones because of prison shenanigans.. Hank having Beecher's kid killed totally broke my heart..watching those scenes where Beecher is in his cell crying brought tears to my eyes...I cried like a baby... :(

The prisoners I hated the most and stood up and clapped when they were killed off was, Timmy Kirk, Adebesi, and Schillenger. :cheer: :applause:

Howell and Querns, were the most hated staff...Howell was totally gross... :x I think she slept with almost every inmate and Querns was just dirty... I knew Howell would end up pregnant.. lol

Things that disappointed me was them executing Cyril, also Alverez and Beecher not getting paroled.. :(

Things I was happy with at the end was Keller's little gift to the Aryans in the mail room...lol :lol:
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