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Jun 25 2011, 12:41 AM
I didn't mind the Dream Season actually, and I definitely preferred the Sue Ellen of that season to what they did with her before and after. The awful shift back to stories from a year earlier killed the show for me.
Really? I hated Sue Ellen of Season 8 (the dream season). In making her "stronger", they pretty much erased all the things about her that made her interesting.

I'm re-watching the season after the dream, Season 9 (DVD 10), and I don't remember it being so bad. Not Dream Season-bad, but still, bad. The two main arcs of the season (Wes Parmalee and B.D. Calhoun) were idiotic and felt so amateurish as if they had been written by a fourth grader.

The Wes Parmalee storyline had some good moments, but that's all they were. Moments. Brief and fleeting. The J.R. of the earlier years would have had him taken care of, and the only reason that I could have bought as to why he didn't is that there was some small part of J.R. that believed Wes could have been Jock (even though it should have been obvious to everyone based on Steve Forrest's much-too-refined portrayal that he wasn't). Unfortunately that's not how either the writers or Hagman played it. Don't even get me started on the climax of the story when Wes, for no apparent reason at all, admitted the truth to Miss Ellie OFFSCREEN(!) before disappearing. That couldn't have been a more sloppy, unsatisfying payoff if the writers had tried. And why didn't the aftermath (what little there was) of this story create more of a rift between Clayton and Miss Ellie? Why didn't Clayton direct his anger at Miss Ellie for her feelings for an imposter? Instead he huffed and puffed about Wes for an episode or two before forgetting the entire thing ever happened. Ultimately, what was the point of this storyline? Terrible, terrible writing.

And this B.D. Calhoun shit is even worse. It's every bit as cartoonish as that Angelica Nero nonsense was in Season 8. In fact, it's basically a more masculine version of that story. The last episode I watched was the climax of that story and it was legitimately one of the worst DALLAS episodes I've ever seen. Watching Larry Hagman run around a train for what felt like forever while having a shootout with Calhoun seriously made me cringe. Everything about this storyline was terrible from it's absurd beginning to its over-the-top ending, to the laughable acting and the atrocious writing. Even the musical cues used in this story were terrible! The whole thing felt like DALLAS spoofing DALLAS spoofing James Bond. Ugh.

I have about 10 episodes left. At least I know they can't be any worse. How on earth did I like this season the first time I saw it?
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