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It did improve...and Kristos is...a work in progress, I guess you'd say. But the other actors cast in Far From the Bay have been terrific and it's worth it to see what this bring to the mini soap. I'm sure Kristos will get better. I think he has already. He just still needs more work.

I do think The Bay improved a lot over their last season. The scenes were better, with a little more in depth instead of surface dialogue. I think they have to keep that up. And of course, the episodes where a lot is happening are good too. Everyone loves movement in stories. It's really too bad the scenes can't be longer because you need both the meaningful dialogue AND the action.

I do really want to see where Mr. Martin will be taking Sara and Marly and Janice and Leann. I want to see what's up with Sara and Lee, and I want to see what Steve Jensen's all about, too.
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