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Jul 30 2011, 12:05 AM
:whooohooo: I LOVE the Golden Girls!! Watch atleast one episode a day! It's never fails to make me laugh! Don't know if this scene has been mentioned or not but it is one of my favorites and makes me laugh everytime. :)
Golden Girls: Home Again, Rose

Ma, I'm Queen...I'm queen ma! Hahaha, loved this eppy too. Another one of my faves is the mansion murder mystery one.
"I'm proud of ya CindyLou" Hahaha I laugh just thinking about it!

Oh the murder mystery is a great one...."Not part of the show people, not part of the show" LOL

Blanche: I think i got to him don't you

Dorothy: your eyes are as good as rolled back

Blanche: I am from the south, flirting is part of my heritage

Rose:What does that mean

Dorothy:Her mother was a slut too

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