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I was over on the daytime forum, and noticed on people's profiles that were a lot of Knots Landing fans on this site. This was one of the most underrated shows of all time, and its nice to see that some still havent forgotten.

It is however kind of funny how we watched for different reasons. Personally I couldnt stand Laura, though I must admit that how they did her death was amazing. I remember Sumner watching a video of Laura (or maybe looking at a picture) afterwards, and he starts talking to "Red" while crying his eyes out. What a shock to see cold-hearted Greg break down like that....man, Devane had me bawling too.

Mostly I watched for the dirt and scandal (so I loved me some Abby!), but this show sure knew how to pull at the heart strings.

When Dallas & Knots were running on TNT, I recorded the whole series and edited it down to just my favorite scenes/storylines.....the collection ended being about 90 hours long. lol

What a great show..
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