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Okay, I decided to open a new thread for this show, instead of discussing it in the Random Thread.

So, I just finished Battle of Sexes 1...

It was my least favorite season so far. I would have like it more probably if I knew everyone when it started, but since I never saw ANY Real World or Road Rules; I didn't know almost anyone. So first few episodes were really confusing, there were 36 contestants...

Another thing I didn't like was the scoring system. Same people dominated the entire season and same people were always in the Inner circle, which made all guy evictions predictable. Girl evictions were better, but still not to exciting. Many times people would volunteer to leave, which was also annoying.

Now, once I got to know most of them, I enjoyed the season a bit more. My favorite was Shane, whom I knew from watching some previous Challenges. And after watching this one, I love him even more! He is such a great person and a great competitor. He's my favorite guy by far now.

Puck was just nasty. He is good for TV, I guess, but I could never hang out with a person like Puck. Ew!

Ruthie, while amazing at challenges, was really easily manipulated and influenced (along with Ellen). I can't believe them two so easily accepted to evict their strong members like Rachel or Veronica... just because Emily told them that everyone wants those girls out (which was not true). Girls can't blame anyone but themselves for losing the challenge.

I like Lori. She was not featured a lot, but she seemed nice. Tanya is like a different person here. She was not whorish or anything. She was a really sweet girl. I can see what you've been talking about, Amello.

I like Eric Nies!

I can't believe Colin made it to the end, while spending the entire season on crutches! How did that guy manage to do all the tasks?!

I have to watch more of the Challenges to form an opinion on Veronica. On this one, she seemed okay, not really bitchy.. But I was pissed when she got voted off. I hate Emily. It was so pathetic when Emily decided to quit after guys voted of her boyfriend James. How sad and lame.

Oh, I liked Genesis! She was Shane's best friend here and she seems really sweet.

What else? Oh, I didn't like Johnny Mosley as the host. Not at all. He was so stiff.

Well, I'm moving on to Inferno 1 next! :D
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