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Bright Eyes
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First, BOTSexes 1 was awesome, you should be ashamed. But I guess you are just use to the OTT craziness.

I can't believe you didn't mention ANTOINE! So fucking hilarious. It's too bad he never did more challenges. My favourites on this season were Blair, Ellen, Veronica, Shane, Emily and Lori and MELISSA. How did she not register for you? COME ON NOW!

Also, though Julie was eliminated first, she's another Challenge LEGEND! Coral vs. Julie gets pretty epic.

Also, some background information ... IRL, Emily was extremely jealous of Veronica and insecure because James and Veronica had previously hooked up as when they were friends he helped her move into her new apartment before he got with Emily.

Oh, and if you thought Ayanna was a little out there, you NEED to watch BOTSexes 2 if you can/haven't already.

Here's a clip from RR: Semester at Sea where the amazing Veronica was being such a bitch towards Ayanna.

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