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Oh, I LOOOVE Antoine! He was really great! I loved when he was coming onto a girl judge during the snorkeling challenge.. :lol:

Melissa was hilarious! I laughed so much when she would do something.. When they were climbing the ladder and she started yelling that the wind will blow her away... :lol: Or when she was getting ready to go down that rope in the final challenge (before the finale)... she was funny! I didn't like her yelling at Julie in the first episode, since I liked Julie (from what I have seen in other challenges). I don't know why Melissa hates Julie...

Look, I think they main reason why this season didn't go so well for me, because it took me soooo much time to just remember everyone's names! You gotta know, that I don't know their backgrounds, I don't know NOTHING about 90% of them! So it was really confusing at the beginning and it took a lot of time for me to get to know them and start enjoying it.

Oh and I loooved Blair! I was so rooting for him to stay! He was always in the bottom, but somehow managed to stay. Too bad that ended and he was voted off.

It's a fun clip! Lol Ayanna was PISSED! haha And Veronica managed to stay so cool and calm. What was that about though? Did Veronica really copy her paper? lol
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