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I started watching Inferno 1... and I LOVE IT!

This season had the best intro show! They've explained everything in it. Who is with who, who likes/hates each other, who dated, who broke up... everything! Which is of great help to those who don't know the history between players! Plus, I know a lot of people on this season.

I love the concept as well. Each group nominates two people and the opposite group then chooses one of the two to fight in the Inferno! Great! So much fun!

Now onto the people..

Shane is here! Yay! :D And so is Coral! She's so amazing and I've only seen 4 episodes!

Now Katie... I have finally gotten to know her better. Wow... she's just a useless bitch! LOL She sucks at competitions! But I was happy she at least tried to climb that wall after initially saying she won't even try. She failed, but at least she tried.

Then we have Mike and Trishelle... OMG! She is just SO NASTY! I hate her! She cheated on Mike, left him, then when he hooks up with someone, she makes a scene, threatens to beat people up and after that, when she's nominated, she gets all pissy, blaming Coral for her situation?? Fuck you, nasty ho! I liked Julie up until now. Julie is siding with this nasty bitch, against Coral! Ew! I'm glad Trishelle is gone though.

I do like Mike so far. He's better off without that whore.

I was sad to see Ace go first. I liked him. And omg, CT is so different here, then what I remember him to be in the Duel (which actually happened after Inferno, so CT really changed to worse...)

I like Holly so far. She seems like a fierce competitor and a good leader.

I'll continue watching tomorrow. But so far, this season is great!
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