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Aug 8 2011, 03:36 PM
WORD about TayHo (hee!). She needs to be gone, ASAP. I hope the rewrites include NO TAYLOR on my screen. She ruins Nicole scenes for me. I'd much rather watch Nicole in scenes with EJ. Nicole and EJ make me watch. Nicole with her annoying sister Taylor make me want to throw something at the tv.
I absolutely hate TAYHO and NICOLE scenes. They lobotomize Nicole when she's in scenes with her skanky sister. No way is the real Nicole that nice and understanding to a backstabber like that---and NO WAY would anyone, yet alone Nicole, take the blame for Tayho spreading her legs for EJ. WTF?? Nicole is the smartest woman on this show, but they make her collosally stupid when she's with Taylor. Perhaps that's the only way to make the audience realize they are sisters. . .to show how stupid they both are together.
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