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Aug 8 2011, 03:36 PM
WORD about TayHo (hee!). She needs to be gone, ASAP. I hope the rewrites include NO TAYLOR on my screen. She ruins Nicole scenes for me. I'd much rather watch Nicole in scenes with EJ. Nicole and EJ make me watch. Nicole with her annoying sister Taylor make me want to throw something at the tv.
When she was all about stealing Nicole's husband, she was trying to convince Brady to get back together with Nicole. When Nicole first brought up she and Brady leaving town, Taylor was against it, which was right after she made a play for him. Now all of a sudden, she's trying to get them back together again. I'm really sick of her acting like a whore, Nicole getting pissed at her behavior as she should, her acting like Nicole has no right to be mad at her and being a major bitch and Nicole forgiving her right away. I hope her story with Quinn keeps her stuck in his orbit until she gets the fuck off the screen. I'm sick of EJ, Nicole, Lexie and Brady kissing her worthless ass.
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