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Ok! Thoughts on today's (Monday) Show..... actually, I found today watchable. Here's what comes to mind, first the negative: Im a huge Ari Zucker fan and I'd never FF her, unless she is in scenes with the horrific Taylor. I watched most of their scenes but it is utterly ridiculous for Nicole to stand before that hyprocritical slut and try to explain herself. Neither Nicole or Taylor needs any explanations, nor should Nic feel the need to stay in the same room with that tramp of a sister. Blah blah blah!
How about some positive news!? I am not a Molly Burnett fan but I thought she did fairly well with her scenes today. She really has toned it down. Melanie views Maggie as a motherly figure so, sure, she should be devastated about the shooting. I'm still not a fan....but I appreciated her not so over the top performance.
Quinn and Carly.....man, what couldve and shouldve been. Both are really great actors and I enjoyed their scenes today. What's up with Quinn tho? We know he will be sticking around. He is so great with Carly.....and has a redemptive factor behind Chloe's back. I'm still not sure what his deal is but I really enjoy him with Carly. Too bad that won't last much longer

I enjoyed the talk between EJ and Brady with Chad and Sonny in the background. Also liked how Chad chimed in and EJ was quick to tell him to calm down. The scene in the pub between the two was fun and cool as well....they slapped around at each other like brothers would do. I have a brother and we fake fight all the time. I like the idea of them becoming like brothers....not just in name but in action and conversation. I love Sonny....love him!!!!.....it's a tad odd seeing such a worldly confident young man (Sonny) looking like a child standing next to the giant that is Casey D! Lol. I'm only 5ft 4 so I can relate. Gotta say, The more I see those two in a scene together, the more I'm thinking about SAD (Sonny/Chad). Hmmmm

is it just me or is Arianna Hernandez the most mentioned dead person in Days history? Hell, she is mentioned more than Alice Horton!

All in all, today was better than usual so I guess that means we get some real crapola later this week. Another week closer to rewritten scripts and new material folks! Yay. I give today a B+....minus Taylor :)
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