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Viewing Single Post From: Weekly Discussion 8/8-8/12

Aug 8 2011, 04:44 PM
It's glaringly obvious that Higley was on a mission to promote Taylor as the heroine of the show. Higley's ill-conceived strategy was to practically ruin any character within Tayho's radius. EJ, Nicole, and Brady have all suffered drastically from their interactions with this trick. It's time for this cancer to stop spreading and harming these characters.
Just hearing Taylor talk is as irksome as someone scraping their nails across the blackboard. Uggh! I really dislike this character. Like one of Ben Affleck movie titles suggests: I can't wait till you're 'gone, baby gone'.
I truly believe that Higley was planning a Brady/Taylor/EJ triangle with Nicole hovering fretfully on the fringes while her 'sweet, innocent' (super sarcasm alert! :sarcasm: ) is torn between two lovers. I pass! Apparently, so do a lot of other people.
In her pursuit, Higgs only served to have viewers turn away in frustration.
And now MacPherson & Thomas have the huge task of overcoming Higley's destruction. Good luck, new writers, you're going to need it. But, with good story, I know that EJ/Nicole/Brady will all be restored.
I totally agree!!! Don't forget Hagley made LEXIE completely unlikeable with her pimping of infidelity and Taywhore. Given Lexie's history, she should have been the last person to support Ejaylor's disgusting affair.
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