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I'm baffled about how people found the show watchable today. I hated it, but granted I am only 3 days into trying to get back into it.

-Nicole drinking a martini in a dive like that? Really? Where's The Blue note. Her dialogue with Taylor was crappy - like Nicole would really be so civil to anyone that bonked her husband, not least of all her sister.

-The Carly/Quinn stuff was ok. What drugs are Carly doing? Does it involve hair loss because her hairline is receding?

- Brady/EJ in the forest with their cheerleaders Sonny and Chad : dumb dumb dumb and bad dialogue.

- Stefano so blase about Maggie being shot. Yeah, I know she means nothing to him, but he didn't seem to fazed either.

- If Daniel saves Maggie, will he dump Jennifer and start a new triangle with her and Victor? :p

Ok, I'm still adjusting to the show and am still sensitive to shit. Soon I will be numb and carry on regardless lol.
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