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Aug 8 2011, 07:42 PM
Okay..so watching today's show and I'm just floored at how bad the shooting played out. All three actors seemed like they were sleep walking thru those scenes. And WTH would Victor just sit there cuddling Maggie instead of trying to call for help himself? It was almost like Stefano calling was an afterthought. :unsure: And the reactions of the people in the hospital when Maggie was brought in? Why isn't Jennifer raging - or at least seemingly upset? Why does it seem like Melanie is the only one having a strong reaction? Holy cow - this whole thing was just awful. Amidst the weeks and weeks of awful stuff...this pretty much is icing on the cake.

The Nicole/Taylor stuff was just painful to watch. Partially because Taylor looks so damn bad. Seriously...how can anyone who knows TB not be concerned about her health? I will say that I thought Ari Z looked good in the scenes - I like her hair style.

The Brady/EJ and little bros stuff was okay...but the dialogue was uber cheesy. And how many times does EJ need to go over and over that he thinks they should do this to protect their families? I get Brady not trusting him...but making him repeat himself over and over isn't likely going to increase the probability that he's being honest. It just makes them both redundant.

I do see a spark between Carly and Quinn. But knowing CC is on her way out - who the hell cares?

Yikes...probably the worst episode I can recall in a very long time. Like...maybe forever. :facepalm:
I don't know, excited for EJ to stand up and finally let it be known, this is his life and he's taking charge. Goody goody... EJ's got his balls back, can he not let Taylor lead him around by them? Watch out for the Taylor eclipse...beware...beware...

And can I say it again.. Vic was in shock. Victor is not a sobber, he's not a man that screams "Help help" it would be out of character. Victor was so not expecting it, and it showed. John Aniston is a soap opera god!!!
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