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I'm watching Inferno 2 now (Good Guys vs Bad Asses)... I got to a point where they were picking players for the Inferno and Bad Asses chose Jodi and then she herself chose Veronica (even though they agreed it would be Tanya), so now all of the Bad Asses (Veronica especially) are saying they cheated and are attacking Jodi.

Now, Veronica is a fun bitch to watch during bitch fights. But seriously, from what I've seen she is a coward. She runs away from 1 on 1 fights (Gauntlet or Inferno) like crazy. In Inferno 1, she was the only one not to ever go into Inferno, while all others basically volunteered. Now she is picked and she creates this big drama, which I didn't really get. They got outplayed. Go cry home to your Momma!

Also, I hate Abram.
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