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Bright Eyes
Aug 9 2011, 11:14 AM
CT is nasty? He's fucking GORGEOUS!

But yes, both him and Abram are fucking insane. LoL

I forget which challenge it happens on, but I can't wait to see what you think when Abram falls in LOVE (they actually ended up dating for years), with a particular favourite challenger.
Yeah, CT is def hot and gorgeous, but his personality is not nice LOL

Abram falls in love? Well, I can't wait to see that! Maybe that will change my mind about him at least a bit :) Cuz seeing CT and Diem slightly helped improve my opinion of him, even though I dislike Diem.

Just saw another episode.. I just hate how Veronica, Tina and Rachel are treating Tanya. They are true bullies. I mean, yeah, Tanya might be weird and has her own issues, but to treat her like they did is just wrong.
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