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OMG I love the Challenges.

Abram is absolutely disgusting. He got arrested in Mass. when they were filming Rivals. I think it was a DUI, I am not sure. He was so angry he shit in his hands and threw it on the walls. I follow several of the Challengers on my Twitter (Ruthie is awesome and will talk about previous challenges.) and that is how I found out. Cara Maria was completely grossed out. They started dating in Cutthroat.

I HATE JEK. Johnny Bananas, Evan and Kenny. But Landon, the Miz, and Wes are my favorites. CT too. He is GORGEOUS! I would love to have a beer with Tyler. He seems so awesome.

Coral and Mike were an awesome pairing. The two of them grew so close. She has said she won't do any more challenges. I read somewhere that she is a lawyer now.

Katie Doyle is crazy and I love her. Didn't she smoke a cigarette in the Gauntlet or the Inferno because she was so pissed off?

SupaToxic on youtube has quite a few of the older challenges. I suscribed to him/her and watch a few episodes a night. I want to find the first Gauntlet and first Inferno.
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