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AJ: Sean Kanan, hands down.
Carly: Sarah Joy Brown
Duke: Ian Buchanan
Emily: Amber Tamblyn
Jerry: Julian Stone
Justus: Joseph C. Phillips
Lois: Rena Sofer
Lucky: Jonathan Jackson (but I was very fond of Greg Vaughan)
Maxie: Kirsten Storms
Ned: Wally Kurth
Nikolas: Tyler Christopher

Favorite couples:
Edward and Lila
Luke and Laura
Luke and Tracy
Liz and Lucky
Lois and Ned/Eddie
Alexis and Ned
Alan and Monica
Anna and Duke
Robert and Anna
Robin and Stone
Patrick and Robin
Lucy and "Doc" Kevin
Katherine and Stefan
Mac and Felecia
Tony and Tanya
Lulu and Johnny
Ric and Liz (before things got too crazy)
Ric and Alexis
Jax and Skye
Lucy and Damian Smith
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