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Aug 14 2011, 11:21 AM
Friday was a great show we finally had a family hour with the Hernandez family instead of the disgusting Elvis hour! Johnny and Rafe were so cute together, finally Johnny has a parent that he can trust and knows will protect him! It was cute when Johnny said it wasnít a contest between Rafe and Elvis, to bad Elvis isnít as smart as his kid! And Johnny told Allie he would take care of her just like Rafe does. And itís nice to see Sami maturing and can sit down and have a discussion with Rafe about anything and not fly off the handle! Samiís is about FAMILY and her SOULMATE! They are fun to watch and are an amazing blended family! To bad we only see them once a week! Instead TPTB are wasting talented actors just to give the viewers the Elvis hour 4 times a week to listen to temper-tantrum and abuse Nicole!What a guy...NOT! But it frees up my week for things I enjoy to do I refuse to watch the Elvis hour! Rafe and Sami have it all love, romance and family just like KC promised!
Well you make me happy that I didn't bother watching Friday's episode live. Now I can just press the fast forward button.
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