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I stopped reading when I saw her promo shit.

So Madison and Sami have someone from the past in common...Austin? Going back to old habits? Oh, please leave Austin & Carrie alone, Sami!
Where does it say they have someone in common? BUt I guess this is a new dynamic. Sami fighting Madison over Austin not Carrie. lol
I admit I wasn't carefully reading this article...but just got something from her quote:

A.S.: You'll have to tune in to find out! But don't we all have people in our past that no matter how much we've changed, grown, learned you can't help but fall into those old dynamics? Even if you know better? Gonna be interesting...

I was thinking that the whole "old dynamics" would be the Austin connection and can see Madison knowing Austin from the business world. Madison and Sami can be friends now, but maybe Sami gets back to obsessing about Austin, which would both cause a rift in marriage and in her workplace. It also would be a different twist on the Carrie/Sami relationship- instead of always being rivals all the time and it being the same story that's we've seen in the 90s and 00s. (That's also why I put a ? at the end of the Austin statement.

Has anyone considered that the connection between Madison & Sami might be that Madison JAMES could be Sami's old friend Jamie? That could be interesting.
Maybe but who would be the connection to them as in a guy? Austin was around but I don't remember Jaime having too much airtime with him. Anyone else remember if they did? I know Jaime had scenes with Lucas.
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